Graduation Ceremony 2024

Today, Maryel School was dressed up to celebrate the graduation of our preschool and elementary students. It was a day full of emotions and joy, where we bid farewell to a generation of students who have grown and learned with us on this bilingual educational journey.

The ceremony began with a welcome speech from our principal, Ms. Celine Cacho, who highlighted the achievements and growth of the students during their time at the school. Following this, each student received their diploma, accompanied by applause and smiles from family and friends.

Our young graduates surprised everyone with special presentations in English and Spanish, demonstrating the bilingual proficiency they have acquired during their years at Maryel School. Additionally, there were moments of shared memories and thanks to the teachers and staff for their dedication and unconditional support.

After the ceremony, all attendees enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared especially for the occasion. It was a perfect opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to share one more moment of togetherness, celebrating the achievements and looking forward to the future with hope and excitement.

At Maryel School, we are very proud of our graduates and wish them all the success in their upcoming academic and personal challenges. Congratulations to all the graduates and their families!

Westchester Campus