Maryel School of New York is an independent, bilingual English/Spanish, co-educational day school educating students from Pre-K 3 through the 5th grade.

The mission of Maryel is to educate girls and boys “to be the best they can be and prepare them to thrive in their lives beyond Maryel by helping them trust that they are unique human beings who can accomplish anything”.

With a rigorous and challenging education, Maryel incorporates all forms of critical thinking and inspires a life-long love of learning.

To carry out its mission, Maryel combines the education system of the United States with the education system of Spain. Spain’s education and cultural system is traditionally considered one of the most rigorous, intellectually demanding, and culturally rich academic models in Europe. The American education system is characterized by its pragmatism, collaborative work, and creativity. Maryel School of New York is a harmonious combination of both systems, which offers our students an education that is comparable to the most prestigious, independent schools in the United States and Europe.

Maryel School encourages its students to reach their academic, social, and emotional potential in a challenging and supportive environment.

Tradition and innovation come together in this wonderful community.