Space Wars (ROBOTICS)

In this Star Wars-inspired program, your padawan learner will explore the basics of robotics while digging into their favorite parts of the Star Wars movies – the machines! While working with a partner to complete various challenges, your student will be taught how to effectively utilize sensors, how different mechanical components work in their robots, and how programming is a challenging but rewarding skill that they can master with just a little practice. We will support them in the development of their coding and building skills and inspire them with creative building challenges based on the movies they love. With each new model, students will be given a program to operate their robotic build. They will learn how to read the program code and then fix an error to make the code usable. By fixing errors in a broken program code, students will learn how to debug and modify their programs quickly. Whether making their build respond to various sensors, adding loops and fun sounds, or modifying variables, children will learn valuable programming skills through the Scratch-based coding platform. May the force be with them as they build and grow!

Monday, April 8, 2024 — Monday, June 3, 2024

8 Weeks, 60 Min. Session
No Class: 5/27
Ages 6-10
Price: $360