Field Day at Westchester Campus

Today, Maryel School enthusiastically celebrated the much-anticipated Field Day at the Westchester campus. This annual event, held for the first time, is not only an opportunity for our students to enjoy a day full of outdoor activities, but also to strengthen the bonds between our two campuses.

Early in the morning, students from both campuses gathered with energy and excitement, ready to participate in a variety of games and competitions. Laughter and applause filled the air as the students challenged each other in fun sack races, balanced spoons with eggs in frantic races, and collaborated in team games that promoted cooperation and sportsmanship.

Among the highlighted activities, students showcased their skills in three-legged races, the slackline, and water relays. It was a day full of fun and camaraderie, where healthy competition and teamwork took center stage.

Field Day not only offers our students a refreshing break from the academic routine but also fosters important values such as collaboration, respect, and mutual support. Seeing students from both campuses working together and enjoying the day is a reminder of the strong sense of community we have at our school.

We thank all the teachers, parents, and volunteers who made this wonderful event possible. Their dedication and effort ensure that our students not only receive an excellent education but also unforgettable experiences that will enrich their school life.

We look forward to the next Field Day and more opportunities to continue building a united and vibrant school community.