Spanish Immersion Program


Maryel’s unique immersion program focuses on all areas of Spanish language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Guided by Maryel’s proven immersion model, this after school program uses the project-based approach and theme-based curriculum to best support second language acquisition for students in elementary ages. Each class is designed with interactive learning activities and small group practices to ensure students enjoy the learning of Spanish language and culture. The space is carefully designed to immerse our students in a different culture.

Teacher reports, parent/teacher conferences, and assessments will help parents stay informed about their child’s progress over the course of the year.

What does a language immersion mean?

Language immersion, or also immersion program, is a learning method used in language education for which every single activity a student performs is carried out in a foreign language. The language is therefore not simply taught as a subject to learn, but as a tool for students to communicate, learn and have fun. This means that students are completely immersed in the language they intend to learn and therefore have the maximum exposure to the new idiom.

Why are language immersions programs so successful?

Because this technique is the one by which we all learn our native language in our first years and it has shown to be the most effective. We all have the natural ability to absorb a new language, but it is true that the younger we are the greater the ability.

Why bringing your child to Maryel is incomparable to just hiring a Spanish teacher for a group of kids?

At Maryel School, we create an immersion environment where every detail is thought to immerse your child not only in the Spanish language, but also in the Spanish culture. Since the very first moment that our students enter our school, they will feel that they are in a different country.

Maryel’s unique curriculum has been successfully implemented since our school was founded in Spain in 2004. In 2013, Maryel opened its first campus in Manhattan and has been operating in NYC since then. Our Spanish native teachers are highly qualified professionals that have been implementing Maryel’s curriculum for a long time.


Students will be tested the first week of the program to place them in the most appropriate level.


AGES: 4 – 10



To be announced


Tuition includes school supplies and textbooks

* There are no make-up or refunds for missed days. However, if the school has to close due to snow or other emergencies, we will make up those days on other dates.

Security deposit: 25% (Deposits are not refundable, however families will be able to use this deposit as a credit toward other programs)



3:45pm: Students arrive to Maryel Westchester campus in Yorktown Heights.

3:45pm-4pm:  Snack and bathroom time.

4pm-5:30pm: Formal instruction.

5:30pm: Dismissal.

Please email for more information