Spirit Week at Maryel School

We celebrated a week full of joy at Maryel School with our Spirit Week! For five days, our students showcased their creativity and enthusiasm by participating in different themed dress-up days, and they had a blast!

Monday: Pajama Day
We kicked off the week in comfort and style with Pajama Day. The hallways were filled with colorful pajamas and fun patterns. What a cozy way to start the week!

Tuesday: Sports Day
Tuesday was a day full of energy and sports. From team uniforms to favorite sports jerseys, our students showed their love for the game on Sports Day. No one could resist the excitement of sports spirit!

Wednesday: Crazy Hat & Hair
Wednesday was the time to let creativity soar with Crazy Hat & Hair Day. From extravagant hats to crazy hairstyles, our students really shined with their unique and fun looks.

Thursday: Superhero Day
On Thursday, our students transformed into true heroes by participating in Superhero Day. From capes to masks, our little ones showed that we all have a superhero within us.

Friday: Dress to Impress
Finally, we closed the week in style on Dress to Impress Day. Our students dressed in their finest attire, showcasing elegance and confidence with every step they took. What a perfect way to conclude a week full of spirit and fun!

We thank all our students, teachers, and staff for making this Spirit Week an unforgettable experience. Until next time!