Children have a limitless imagination, but we need to know how to encourage them so they can develop positively throughout their learning stages and can face any challenges in their lives more confidently. To do this, creativity must be fostered at an early age.


8 Tips for boosting your child’s creative skills:


-Freedom: It is important that you give them time and space to play at home, where they can create and develop their own stories and characters.


-Don’t say no: Don’t curb your little ones during their activities. When they do something bad, avoid negation because it can overshadow their creative capacity. We should indicate those improper actions through other means and by discussing them, using communication.


-Appreciate their ideas: Never laugh at any idea they express to you, regardless of how funny or absurd it may appear. We have to let them imagine whatever it is and make sure they know that you will appreciate anything they do.


-Respect: Along the same lines, we must teach our children manners so they do not laugh at other children’s ideas. With this approach, we can create an open, vanguard environment with no pressures placed on other children simply because they have a different way of thinking.


-Critical thinking: Children must question everything around them. You need to help them in a very simple way: let them ask you anything so that they find and process the most appropriate response.


-Enjoy new experiences: Any setting is a good setting for them to explore their surroundings and to learn how to have fun alone or with others. You can take trips outdoors, to the beach or to another city. Breaking away from routine is always good for boosting your child’s creativity.


-Reading: Read them stories before bedtime so that their minds can keep creating and imagining while they sleep.


-Drawing or coloring: Coloring is essential for your child to develop his or her creative capacity in a fun way. Give them total freedom when drawing or coloring and let their imagination flow.


At Maryel International Preschool, we work to motivate and encourage the children’s creativity, so that when they are adults, they will be able to problem-solve more autonomously. 


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