This weekend, Halloween, a very special holiday to enjoy with your children, will be upon us. However, like any other holiday or festival, you have to be very careful with your children.


Keep the following pointers in mind to enjoy a safe and fun holiday:


-Be careful with costumes. Choose costumes made with non-flammable materials to prevent burns. Check the tags on the costume to learn about itscharacteristics and any warnings.


-Check the face paint and masks. Children’s skin can be highly sensitive. For that reason, all face paint and make-up should be hypoallergenic. If you child will be wearing a mask, make sure he or she can see and breathe appropriately.


-Blunt objects. Avoid any sharp objects and make sure that all costume accessories are age-appropriate.


-High visibility. At night, make sure to increase your child’s visibility using bright colors, reflective bands and/ora flashlight.


-Never leave them alone. Children must always stay in groups, accompanied by several adults and visit the homes of friends and other people they know.


-Candy. Be sure to check the candy your child is eating to prevent choking hazards and stomach discomfort.  


-Safety on the streets. Before going out, go over the fundamentals of road safety with your children, for example, being careful when crossing the street, paying attention to cars, always staying on the sidewalk, to name a few.


-Be well-fed. To avoid indigestion caused by the candy, make sure the route starts with a healthy meal.


-Healthier trick-or-treating. Opt for homemade sweets or small presents to give to the children instead of chocolates with a high sugar content. 


With these tips, you are on your way to enjoying a peaceful, fun Halloween with your child.