Maryel International Preschool is excited to announce our AFTER SCHOOL SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAM. Classes are designed to help students acquire an additional language while developing an appreciation for Spanish culture.

In order to maximize student’s individualized attention and support, the maximum number of children in each group is 8.

Students engage in theme-based play in depth
. This theme-based approach helps students retain vocabulary and language structure.

    -Taught 100% in Spanish
    -Ages 3-5
    -Grouped by age
    -Classes meetfrom 3:30 PM to 5 PM 2 days per week
    -Classes are held Monday and Wednesday

2015 – 2016 Tuition Information – $950 per trimester. (There is a 5% siblings discount on each additional child)

Fall 2015: September 28 – December 11
Winter 2016: January 4 – March 18
Spring 2016: April 4- June 10