Annual Visit from our Special Dentist

Today, Maryel School welcomed a very special guest, in our Manhattan Campus, Dr. Jacqueline Zamani, from Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry  – a dentist who shared valuable insights into the world of dental hygiene with our eager students. It was an engaging and informative session, as our young learners delved into the importance of caring for their pearly whites.

From the proper way to brush and floss to the significance of regular check-ups, our students gained a deeper understanding of how to maintain healthy, sparkling smiles. The dentist also discussed the science behind teeth, making the learning experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

We believe that education goes beyond textbooks, and this visit was a fantastic example of real-world learning. As a school, we’re committed to nurturing not only academic excellence but also overall well-being, and dental health is an integral part of that.

So, remember, students: a healthy smile is a happy smile! Keep up the good work with your dental hygiene, and keep sharing those beautiful smiles with the world.