Dear Parents,

This weeks letter was T for Tomate (tomato). We formed the letter T with popsicle sticks and decorated it with tissue paper. Each week we continue to play different alphabet games to reinforce the previous letters we have covered in class. We played several Letter Sound Games and the students had to match the letter to the correct object that starts with that letter to help them identify the letter.



For Math we formed a line and had the children identify what position they were standing in DELANTE/DETRAS (infront of/in back of). We played several games to help us identify numbers 1-14. We went bowling and had to identify the number of the pins that were on each of the pins that we knocked down. We also played a one to one correspondence game with the feathers of a turkey.



For Social Studies we took a trip to the supermarket. We looked through the circular to see what we would like to purchase, then we cut out pictures and placed them on our paper bag. We found delicious things such as cookies, fruits and some veggies. We played the role of the shopper and the cashier. The cashier would count the amount of items we shopped for and bagged them up for us. What a great day at the Ardillas Supermarket!



The vocabulary words of this week are:

Pizarra (Chalkboard)

Tiza (chalk)

Mochila (backpack)

Libros (books)

Página (page)


‘Mirando por la ventana’


Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Señorita Carrol and Señorita Mildred