Dear Parents,

Today we all gathered to help wrap some gifts for the Toy Drive. The children were all so helpful and happy to give back to others!



This week was about reviewing all the concepts, letters, numbers, shapes and vocabulary words we have learned the past several weeks. We have also been practicing very hard for our Holiday Performance next week!

Several activities we covered this week included


  • Recognizing number 1-15 through a BINGO game
  • Exercising our cutting skills
  • Forming basic and complex patterns with shapes
  • Identifying the alphabet throughagame of Twister
  • Quantifying up to number 15 by threading blocks



This week we talked about Kwanzaa. Ms. Mildred brought in some delicious fruits such as bananas, blueberries and mandarins to share with us in honor of Kwanzaa.


Highlight of the Week: Mia and Ella took Papelote home this past weekend. They had so much fun taking Papelote to their Tae Kwan Do class. Papelote also helped them decorate their Christmas tree as they all sang ‘Feliz Navidad’. Thank you for sharing your adventure Mia and Ella!



Have a wonderful weekend!


Señorita Carrol and Señorita Mildred