Dear Parents,


Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. This week we are back in full force reviewing all our concepts, numbers, letter and vocabulary words we learned to refresh our memory. We also said goodbye to OTOÑO (fall) and welcomed INVIERNO (winter)  Soundclip



To help reinforce our writing and and language skills we have been

  • Tracing and free writing the letters and words we have learned
  • Correspondingletters to their sounds
  • Corresponding pictures with the letter it begins with



We worked with numbers 1-15 by doing several one to one correspondence games. We played with play-doh, counted dinosaurs and counted the number of dots on the dice.



This second trimester we will be talking about Mi Vecindario/ Mi Ciudad (my neighborhood/my city). We discussed a few places we have visited; Parque (park), Museo (museum) and Biblioteca (library). We all picked one of these places and drew a picture of a time we went to these places. We took the necessary steps to put our pictures together and make a class book. We have some great storytellers in this class. Please feel free to take a peek at our library!




Next weeks vocabulary words:

  1. Barrio (neighborhood)
  2. Edificios (buildings)
  3. Puente (bridge)

Número: 16

Color: Morado (purple)

Figura: Diamante (diamond)

Letra: D

Concepto: Ayer/Hoy/Mañana (yesterday/today/tomorrow)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Señorita Carrol and Señorita Mildred