Going to the park in winter has numerous benefits for your child! Enjoying a fun afternoon in the park helps
strengthen your child’s motor, physical and social development, continue exploring and learning about new plants and animals, improve your relationship with and understanding of your child and promoteemotional health.


Despite the cold, you should try to enjoy nature in New York during the hours of the day with the strongest sunlight. Take a walk and play with your children in Central Park, The High Line, Hudson River Park, Riverside Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Fort Greene Parkor other parks in the city.


Parks: the best place for your child to keep growing


Children don’t stop exercising at the park! They run around with their friends, play on the slide, in the sand, on the grass… and all of these activities
improve your child’s bone density and muscular development. For example, playing on the swings helps them work on balance and psychomotor development.


You will also notice the benefits of going to the park at home. All physical activity your children do outside will help them release stress, improve their sleep and help with their appetites.


And, outdoor activities and sunlight are the best source of vitamin D. This vitamin is fundamental for growth in children, since it helps their bones absorb the calcium found in their food.


Improve your child’s social skills


Going to the park is an incredible adventure for little ones, who meet new kids of different ages. This makes it a great idea for helping build and foster a more social personality: Playing with other kids, starting conversations, waiting for their turns on the playground… are all fundamental aspects in their life development.


Having contact with other children helps improve self-esteem and your child’s confidence in social situations.


The advantages of nature for children


Children can also
have fun in parks with animals. Having contact with nature promotes children’s love and respect for animals and the environment. They learn new ideas about animals, such as insects, dogs, squirrels and birds.


Physical education and safety at preschool

Maryel International Preschool in New York teaches children, through different activities, how to improve their physical education and boost their resistance, strength, flexibility and mental agility. Moreover, at this bilingual preschool, children are taught basic skills for prevention and safety to protect their health and avoid potential accidents. We provide an education that improves your child’s reflexes and reaction capacity.