Mastering languages has become a key part of getting better job offers and achieving future work success. Learning a foreign language and becoming bilingual is easier if you start to study it from a very young age. That’s why increasingly more childcare experts agree about the personal and professional advantages of bilingual education from an early age, a phenomenon known as ‘early bilingualism’.


Bilingual Preschool – the first step to mastering another language


A child learns another language more easily and faster at a very early age because of the intense learning phase children go through at this cognitive stage when they absorb everything going on around them.


Preschool centers play a fundamental role in this preliminary phase of education outside of the family setting. A child’s personal development is stimulated at preschool centers through multiple activities that enrich children’s skills. That’s why the first step for mastering more than one language starts at bilingual preschool centers, where children acquire new knowledge in two languages, assuming and understanding each with greater ease.


The advantages of learning two languages at a bilingual preschool center are:


  • Communication: Speaking two languages contributes to a person’s communication skills and mental dexterity. Bilingual children are better able to read and write in two different languages, enhancing mental agility and social skills.


  • Knowledge: Access to greater education tools stimulates the intellectual development of the bilingual child, who is usually more creative, flexible and open-minded, safeguarding against obstinacy.


  • Note: Learning two languages improves children’s ability to pay attention, as they are able to understand their environment using two different languages.


  • Cultural: Behind every language is a culture. Learning two different languages boosts a child’s access to different cultures, enriching their world view.


  • It makes it easier to learn a third language: A bilingual child learns a third language more easily, as they are used to using more than one language in their day-to-day life, having a more open mind and a better ear for pronunciation.


  • Job opportunities: In a highly globalized world, businesses need bilingual profiles, improving the employment opportunities of people who know more than one language.



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