Maryel’s Annual Book Fair

Successful Book Fair Event at Maryel School!

The Book Fair Event at our school was a triumph! We are thrilled to share that the event was a day filled with fun, learning, and entertainment for the entire educational community.

From the book sale that sparked a love for reading to the irresistible variety of pastries that delighted our taste buds, every corner of the fair was infused with enthusiasm. Creativity also had its space with face painting, where the little ones showcased their imagination in vibrant colors.

The performance came from the talented musical group “Sunny Songsters,” who captivated everyone with their lively energy and infectious melodies. The stage was filled with laughter, dancing, and applause, creating unforgettable memories for our students, teachers, and parents.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and specially to Main Streets Books who made this event possible. The Book Fair not only promoted a love for reading but also strengthened our bonds as a community. We look forward eagerly to the next edition!

Thank you for being part of this successful day!