Chess Class with a Grand Master

Today has been a truly memorable day at our school. Our PreK-4 students from Manhattan Campus had the incredible opportunity to receive, for the second consecutive year, a visit from the great chess master, Mr. Carlos Vargas. This event has become a tradition that our students eagerly anticipate with excitement and enthusiasm.

The classroom was filled with excitement as Mr. Carlos shared his deep knowledge and love for chess. Boys and girls immersed themselves in the fascinating world of this ancient game, exploring each piece, each move with wonder and curiosity. It was a day when young minds were enlightened with every strategy and tactic shared.

We are deeply grateful to Mr. Carlos Vargas for his dedication and commitment to inspiring our young learners. His positive influence on their lives is undeniable, and we are excited to see how these seeds of knowledge and skill will flourish in the future.

Today was more than just a day of chess; it was a day of growth, learning, and connection. We are excited about the journey our students embark on in the world of chess, and we are confident that this knowledge will serve them well in all stages of life. Until next year, Mr. Carlos Vargas, and thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us!