Well-balanced and varied nutrition is the basis for your child’s well-being and health. Parents and educators alike are responsible for teaching children respect for their food, teaching them the importance of proper nutrition in their lives and how to make and maintain healthy habits from an early age to prevent illness in the future.


How to create a healthy diet for your child

For ahealthy diet, it is essential to incorporate foods that are nutritious and cover the various food groups. There should be a wide variety of foods in your child’s diet, given their dietary needs for growth and physical development.


Proper nutrition promotes good brain development. For example, if your child’s diet does not contain the necessary amounts of iodine or iron, this could lead to delays in their motor development. During this stage, it is crucial that your child’s diet contain the most complete variety of foods possible. To achieve this, try offering them several fruit and vegetable options, as well as healthy sources of protein, like chicken, eggs or fish, and replace soft drinks with water to keep them well-hydrated. Combine the above with dairy products, a fundamental source of Calcium.


Also, children with healthy eating habits have fewer health problems, which helps prevent cancer, cardiac issues, stress and other problems like obesity.


Help your child learn healthy habits


Sometimes children refuse to eat certain foods or meals. One way to prevent this situation and to improve your child’s attitude towards food is by involving them in the cooking process and setting a good example for them. Children often imitate adults’ attitudes. This makes it crucial that you have a varied diet that is presented attractively, and limit your consumption of fast food.


Teach them the fun of cooking! Take them food shopping with you, so they can learn about the variety and different types of foods available. At home, let them help you prepare meals and organize the menu for the week. Your child will become the perfect chef!


Keep light or diet products out of your child’s diet


Though you may believe this type of food to be beneficial for your child, children are recommended to avoid light or diet products due to the artificial sweeteners they contain. As we mentioned above, your child’s diet should be complete and varied to guarantee their proper development and growth.


The importance of healthy food at preschool


We at Maryel International Preschool highlight the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for children. Here are some tips for preparing your child’s food for school:


-Try to make food that is easy to transport and store at the preschool.


-Prepare a one-dish meal that is easy to eat and has no bones. Some good options are foods like rice, pasta and beans. These dishes should contain several different food groups.


-Vegetable soups and purees are a great option to include in their menu. In addition to incorporating different foods, they are easy to prepare and take to school.


-Complete their lunch with bread, fruit, water and natural juices.


New York preschools recommend building and maintaining healthy habits. Children need a complete diet that will enable them to take on their daily activities and boost their growth.