Drawing and painting are fundamental activities in children’s development, as kids express themselves and their emotions through drawing and coloring in. However, children spend increasinglyless time on these activities at home because of mobile devices and tablets.


Discover the benefits that drawing can have for your child!



1- Fosters communication:Young children are unable to properly express how they are feeling in words. That’s why drawing is a great way to know what your child is thinking and feeling. You’ll be able to interpret whether he is feeling happy or down, depending on the colors he uses, or whether she is relaxed, based on how gently or fiercely she draws or colors-in.


2- Mental agility: Daily drawing improves a child’s mental agility, as he is continuously creating and expressing his world through painting.


3- Develops motor skills: Handling pencils and coloring pens lets a child’s hand adapt to the right posture, making it easier to learn to write in the future.




4- Boosts self-esteem: It is one of the most practical activities to motivate learning and boost self-esteem. Kids usually try to reflect the shapes and objects they see. That’s why they feel so proud when they finish their drawings. Remember to congratulate them! It is an activity that requires a great deal of effort for your child.


5- Improves concentration and reduces stress: Painting is a pleasant act that lets children relax, using the most ideal colors to embody their world of fantasy and illusion. To maximize the level of relaxation and concentration, put some music on, too. Success is guaranteed!


6- A good way to begin to discover art: Painting improves kids’ ability to interpret and learn visual language, which will stand them in good stead in the future for appreciating and understanding works of art.



7- Encourages imagination among adults: Become a child again and get caught up in your little one’s imaginary world. Painting allows you to discover what your child is thinking and fosters creativity.


8- Learn while having fun: Children learn best while playing. Kids see painting as a game, and while they paint they learn about colors, the result of mixing colors, animals and more. They can assimilate all sorts of new concepts through painting!


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