Most children want a pet to play with at home during their free time. Having and adopting animals is a great way to teach children love and respect for animals, but, at the same time, you have to be cautious and set rules, so your kids also learn the responsibility involved with having a pet. Find out the benefits of having a pet at home and check out which are best for kids!


Benefits of having a pet at home


  • Kids learn to be responsible. Before deciding to bring a pet home, you must first explain to your child that animals are not toys. A petneeds to be taken care of every day, and the children need to help out. And, if you assign your children small tasks, they will learn, little by little, to be more responsible and organized.



  • More sociable children. Children with pets at home are less impulsive, have better social skills to build relationships with other kids, and also show higher self-esteem.


  • A closer-knit family. Having an animal at home helps improve relationships between siblings, since they all share the same feelings of love and affection towards the animaland spend time together taking care of and playing with their pet.


  • Boosted health. One study has shown that children living with pets at home have a lower risk of suffering illnesses like allergies or asthma, and pets also promote good blood pressure and reduce childhood obesity.


The best pets for kid


  • Cats. Cats also make great pets. They are moreindependentthan dogs and require less care and attention. If you decide on a cat for a pet, you must explain to your children that they have to treat it with love and respect. Kids must not insist on forcing the cat to play or be held, since they display their discomfort by scratching.


  •  Dogs. Dogs are the pets par excellence, since their playful and sociable nature make them a favorite among kids. If your children pick a dog as their pet, they can have fun during their free time walking the dog, playing games, enjoying its company, but dogs require a lot of time and dedication. With a wide range of breeds and sizes, if you decide to get a dog and there are children at home, specialists recommend picking a medium-sized breed and a female, if possible, since they tend to be more docile.


  • Hamsters. Hamsters, due to their size and playful nature, are a perfect choice for kids. Since they live in cages and require little care, children are perfectly capable of feeding them and cleaning the cage.



Have a great experience with animals in New York


If your child is an animal lover and you still have your doubts about having a pet at home…Don’t worry! Here are some ideas for having fun with animals without having to adopt one at home.


  • The Art Farm in the City.

Don’t deny your children the benefits of living with animals! For over 10 years, The Ant Farm in the City in the Upper East Side has been offering different programs to help children explore the animal world. Try it out this weekend! At The Ant Farm in the City, your kids can feed the animals and help take care of them.


  • Take a coffee break surrounded by cats

If your child is passionate about cats, surprise him or her with a fun afternoon at Meow Parlour! With two locations at 46 Hester Street and 34 Ludlow Street, Meow Parlour is the first coffee shop in New York where you can enjoy an afternoon snack surrounded by cats.