Dear Parents,


This was a very busy ad exciting week for our little ‘Elefantes’!


This past week, we reviewed all of the concepts covered in this trimester and worked very hard rehearsing for our 2015 Holiday Show.

The children also took part of ourWrapping Party for less fortunate children and enjoyed of a delicious feast with their peers and teachers.



Have a great weekend!



Señorita Sandra, Señorita Mailliw, and Ms. Gabby


P.S. Don’t forget to dress your child with the Holiday show attire:

GIRLS: NAVY BLUE skirt, WHITE stockings, WHITE blouse, RED scarf and RED winter hat, BLACK dress shoes

BOYS: NAVY BLUE pants, WHITE socks, WHITE shirt, RED scarf and RED winter hat, BLACK dress shoes




Math Spanish Class


  • Identifying numbers 1-30 in ascending order.
  • Identifying numbers 1-20 in random order.
  • Reviewing numbers 10 to 1 in descending order
  • Reviewing tally marks for numbers 1-10.
  • Reviewing place value: tens and ones.
  • Reviewing shapes: rectangle, triangle, square, oval, pentagon, octagon, trapezoid, crescent and star.
  • Reviewing the colors: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and gray.
  • Reviewing basic concepts: same, similar, different, open, closed, near, far, empty, full, above, below,one-some-many, small, medium, large, first, second, third and last, left and right.



Math English Class


  • Identifying numbers 1-20.
  • Rote counting numbers 1-30.
  • Counting numbers 1-10 in descending order.
  • Forming number bonds for numbers 5-8.
  • Making bracelets using 1:1 correspondence.
  • Adding numbers by using the terms “…and…make’.
  • Identifying, sorting and classifying objects by attribute.
  • Writing numbers 1-20.
  • Identifying all the shapes covered this trimester.
  • Sorting objects by size: big, medium ad small.




Language Arts – Spanish Class


  • Reviewing the pronunciation of vocabulary words with the letters: M, T, N, P, L, and D.
  • Reviewing the vocabulary for: materials used in the classroom, parts of the classroom, and parts of the school.
  • Writing our first name without any assisting dots, in lowercase letters .
  • Writing the letters M,T, N, P, L, D and vowels Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu in upper and lowercase form.
  • Reviewing the pronunciation of the alphabet in Spanish.
  • Reviewing the relationship between sounds and letters.
  • Describing the characters in a short story.
  • Reading simple sentences by identifying the words and their corresponding pictures.





We read the following stories this week:

– Así me siento yo

– Si le das una galletita a un raton

– El libro de los sentimientos para niños:

       Admiración- Sobre el Nenúfar Gigante

       Celos: La Bicicleta



Language Arts English Class


  • Reviewing long and short vowel sounds A, E, I, O and U.
  • Identifying and sorting out words with long and short vowel sounds in a fishing game.
  • Identifying and sounding out words with long and short vowel sounds.
  • Clapping words into syllables (syllable segmentation).
  • Differentiating and sorting numbers and letters found in a newspaper.
  • Drawing and writing a note to Santa.


Some of the books/poems read this past week include:


  • A is for Alice (Scholastic ABC sing-along)
  • Every Morning Eloise (Scholastic ABC sing-along)
  • Melly’s Menorah By Amye Rosenberg



Strategies and Skills


  • Reading strategy #1; Look at the pictures.
  • Reading strategy #2; Look at the pictures and at the first letter or letters.
  • Reading Strategy #3; Sound it out.
  • Taking a picture walk before reading a new story.
  • Describing the roles of an author and illustrator.
  • Identifying and circling the first and last letter in words.



Handwriting Without Tears


  • Writing all uppercase letters in correct form.
  • Writing lowercase letters ‘c, o, s, v, t, w’ in correct form.
  • Writing numbers 1-20 in correct form.
  • Capitalizing the first letter in our first and last name.



Social-Emotional Development in both classrooms


Reviewing the emotions and feelings covered in the first trimester including: feeling happy, sad, angry, fearful, thankful and jealous, as well as having empathy, and compassion with others.


Recomendation Links


1.Reading game

2. Games about letters and shapes

3. Social Studies knowledge

4.Jealous story

5. The big book´s letters

6. Song