Dear Parents,

This week, our children learned about our legendary Martin Luther King Jr. We spoke about his life accomplishments, his beliefs  about freedom, equality and justice and how these have greatly influenced our lives forever.

Also, we will be celebrating Valentines Day on Friday, February 12. Please feel free to send in cards and peanut-free treats for your child to share with his/her peers.

Señorita Sandra, Señorita Darhiana, and Ms. Gabby









Language Arts – Spanish Class
  • Learning the vocabulary for: Libreria- Book store, Cine- Movie theatre, Teatro- Theatre, Restaurante – Restaurant, and Mercado- Market.
  • Memorizing the vocabulary of the letter R; Ratón, Reloj, Rinoceronte, Rosa y Ruleta.
  • Writing a simple dictation about the vocabulary of each letter. 
  • Identifying the first and last letter in the words.
  • Reviewing the pronunciation of the alphabet in Spanish.
  • Reviewing  the relationship between sounds and letters.
  • Reading simple sentences by identifying the words and their corresponding pictures.







Social Studies – Martin Luther King

  • Discussing the life of Martin Luther King.
  • Understanding his influence in American history.
  • Creating a classroom ‘Diversity Wreath’ in his memory.
  • Composing our own ‘I have a dream’ speech.
  • Making our own Martin Luther King booklets.