From the Head of School

Today, we finish our 6th year of Maryel in New York! It seems like it was yesterday that these red doors opened for the first time. Nevertheless, 6 years have already passed.

I would define this 6th year at Maryel as the year of beginning a new phase. This school year has been really fascinating: a new image for our school, a new logo, a new website, new alliances, renovated facilities, a lot of work, and a lot of satisfaction at seeing the results of this work. More than 80 families have visited Maryel this fall and we will welcome more than new fifty families in September.

This process of renovation and growth would have been completely impossible without two people whom I admire and love very much. It’s difficult to express in words how much these two people mean to me.

They are my dearest Angie and my beloved husband Juan.

Angie, my angel, the person who understands me and whom I understand with just one look because there is no need for words. Angie is always here, unconditionally, always willing to try everything, to work for a new project, for a new idea. Thank you, Angie, for the fantastic work you do every day and for being here in the good and bad times.

Juan, as well as being my husband, the father of my children, and my partner in life, is the person without whom I wouldn’t be here giving this speech today. He is the person, who gave up many things to follow his wife´s dream of establishing Maryel in New York. Thank you Juan, for everything you bring to my life.

And, of course, thank you to our wonderful teachers for giving everything to these children, without losing their smiles and love of teaching. Thank you Elvia, Ana, Ariany, Rocio and Mercy for being here every day giving the best of yourselves.

And always, thank you to all of you, parents of this school for the trust that you place in us. For all of us, it is an honor and pleasure to form part of the joint task of educating your children.

Have a wonderful summer!


Celine Cacho

Head of School