First Horseback Riding Lessons

This school year, for the first time at Maryel, our Westchester campus students will have the opportunity to receive horseback riding lessons throughout the year.

These classes are part of the academic curriculum at our new campus in Westchester, and in association with SkyBlue Equestrian Center,​ they will be taught throughout the school year.

Sky Blue Equestrian Center promotes a safe atmosphere where riders build and enhance the relationship between horse and rider both in and out of the track.​

In these classes, our students will learn everything about horses: how to care for them, how to respect them, how to handle them, and how to ride them.

Without a doubt, this first class was very special. Regardless of how frightened some of the children were about the whole activity, by the end everyone enjoyed every minute of it. It was great to see every child excited and in tune with their horse/pony.

Take a look at these pictures to find out how much our little ones enjoyed it!