A truly effective and different education


Maryel International launches its kindergarten course for 2016-2017. A chance for current pre-schoolers to keep benefitting from our teaching method and an opportunity for new students looking to experience the advantages of our dual-language program.


The kindergarten course is aimed at 5-year-olds, so those born between June and December 2011 can apply for admission to the next school year starting in September.


 At Maryel International we’ve taken a big step and we continue growing as a private, independent anddual-language elementary school.


Our curriculum perfectly combines two education systems: Spanish tradition and rigorousness with American pragmatism, teamwork and creativity. This mixture of Spanish and American leads to a school like Maryel with excellent results, where education is a priority.


At this private school we focus on bilingualism and multiple intelligence. We want children to fulfill their potential as far as possible and, of course, in two languages, so that in future they can form part of a totally globalized world, thanks to a first class education.


What can our kindergarten course offer your child?


  • They’ll be taught in two different languages, thereby 
    developing multiple intelligence from a very early age.
  • Their motivation to study will be greater and they’ll benefit from quality tuition.
  • They’ll achieve optimum versatility in cognitive capacity, enabling them to reach their own goals.
  • They’ll develop critical thinking, become familiar with complexity, and adopt a positive approach to day-to-day challenges.
  • They’ll form part of an alternative curriculum leading to excellent results, acquiring an education that is valid for both their professional and personal life.


Reserve your place or request additional information


Enrollment for the kindergarten course is now open. The school follows a rolling admissions process, so we advise you to apply as soon as possible.


If you’d like to know more about our teaching method, please contact us to arrange an appointment and emerge yourself in the Maryel community; a unique academic experience.