The most exciting festival of the year is fast approaching: Halloween! Got your child’s costume ready yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t! The Maryel International Preschool has some ideas for original, home-made and easy-to-make costumes so your little one has fun playing.



The cutest skeletons and calavera catrinas for Halloween!

If there’s one costume that is a timeless classic at this time of year, it’s the skeleton, a really fun costume for the little ones. To make this costume, you just need a black t-shirt and leggings, colored card, white felt,needles and thread. Start by making some skeleton templates with the colored card (look up pictures on the internet). When you cut the colored card, draw the pieces on white felt, cut them out again and sew them onto the t-shirt and leggings.


Another great idea is to dress up as La Calavera Catrina. La Calavera Catrina is a colorful Mexican-inspired skeleton. To make this costume, you need a face moisturizer, face paints (red, white and black) and black eyeliner. First apply the moisturizer to your child’s face, as their skin is more sensitive. Once it has absorbed, start painting the skull face. First apply white face paint to the whole face except the eye area, which needs to be black. When you have finished the eyes, draw little red petals around them. Finish off the face with the black eyeliner. To be a genuine Calavera Catrina you just need to put flowers on their head and dress them in really colorful clothes!



A terrifying mummy for Halloween!

So we’ve got the skeleton, the Calavera Catrina, but there’s still something even more terrifying… The mummy! This costume is easy to do, you just need: a t-shirt, leggings, bandages, glue, white face paint and black eyeliner. To make a mummy and get that old musty look that is so characteristic, cut bandages and soak them overnight in a bucket of coffee. Then stick or sew them onto the t-shirt and leggings. For the finishing touch, wrap your child’s arms and legs in the bandages and paint their face white. Now you’ve got the perfect mummy!



Halloween without a pumpkin just isn’t Halloween!

Another classic costume is the pumpkin. Making this costume is easier than you think. You just need an orange t-shirt, green and black felt, a piece of elastic, a safety pin, card, scissors and glue and you’ve got the perfect pumpkin! Cut triangles out of the black felt to make the eyes, nose and mouth. Use the green felt to cut some more triangles and stick them around the neck of the t-shirt. Make the hat by drawing a circle on the card, sticking a strip of elastic to it and covering the card with the green felt to make the pumpkin leaves. This is such a quick and easy way to make your costume!



The cutest babies for Halloween!

Babies play a big part too in this festival. Two ideas to make your child the center of attention are: a Carl Fredricksen costume (from the movie Up) and a bunny jumping out of a top hat.


To turn your baby into Carl, you need brown pants, a black bow tie, wayfarer-style glasses without lenses, a gray cardigan, a walking stick, a few tennis balls and some balloons. Once baby is ready, you just have to stick the tennis balls to the walking stick and a few balloons on their back.


Another costume to make your baby the cutest in Halloween is a bunny jumping out of a top hat. You just need black felt to make the top hat, some bunny ears stuck to a hair band and pink felt to make the bow tie.


With these monstrously easy home-made costumes, all you need to worry about is collecting as much candy as possible! Easy-to-make original costumes, making your child the star of Halloween!