Keep your children entertained during the journey


Are you going on vacation by car? Don’t worry! We have a few tips to make the trip more fun and keep the kids amused.


It’s not often that young children fall asleep and stay asleep the whole way. Their excitement at the prospect of reaching their holiday destination usually sees to that. So parents need to put on their thinking caps and come up with ways to make the journey go more smoothly.


What sort of games can you play in the car?


Word Chain. This game is fun for children learning to write and bigger kids, too. It will keep them entertained in the best possible way, thinking and expanding on their vocabulary. The game consists of forming words that begin with the last syllable of the word the person before them said.


Word Association. Start with one word and add related ones that come to mind. For example, the word ‘beach’ could lead to summer, sun, sand, towel, sea, etc.


I Spy. A classic word game! The person who’s ‘in’ says the first letter of something he or she can see at that instant, inside or outside of the car. The other players have to guess what it is. The person who guesses right goes next.


Singing. Put on a mixed tape of tunes your kids like and sing along together. You can also invent or learn new songs.


Story-telling. Assign each child a role and explain the situation to start from. They have to come up with a story and every time they say something they must do it in role.


Counting Cars. First agree on the terms and then count the cars you see that fall into the classification, e.g., make, model, color, etc.


Tongue-twisters and Riddles. Kids love to try to wrap their words around tongue-twisters and use their brains in guesswork.


I hope this has given you some ideas to help make your car trip more fun and enjoyable.


So get ready, get set…Everyone into the car! And enjoy your well-deserved family vacation!