Take a look at the update of what we’ve been doing this month.

Our Pre-K class had an eventful month learning all about the season of autumn, new instruments, letters, and more.

In Language and Writing, they were introduced to eleven new letters: F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q and R, and practiced how to sound them out and write words that begin with these. In Math, they learned about matching and sorting objects into categories as well as matching the number of objects to the corresponding number, and even how to display this data in picture graphs. We learned about percussion, wind, and string instruments, and made our own guitars out of cardboard. In Science, they learned more about why leaves change in the fall and the physical attributes of trees.

As you can see it’s been quite an eventful month for our curious Pre-K students.

The Ardillas class has had a wonderful month filled with new topics and activities.

In our math classes, we have focused on tracing and learning about the numbers one and two and introduced learning about different sizes such as small vs medium vs big, as well as different shapes comparing circles, squares and even learning how to trace crosses by practicing our vertical and horizontal strokes. In reading and writing, they continue to practice their letters with a focus on writing their own names as they point out different words that begin with the same letter as their name. They also continue to learn about the 5 senses by reading Mis Cinco Sentidos by Aliki, made their own tambourine, and watched a reaction between vinegar and baking soda occur in real-time in our Science class. 

This month has been very exciting for our Ardillas as they continue to actively learn and explore.

The Koalas have had an enjoyable month learning more about fall, the colors associated with it, and the seasons and moths changing.

In Reading and Writing, we read “Mis Colores” by Rebecca Emberly and focused on the colors red, yellow, orange and green as the main colors that autumn brings, and painted paper trees with these colors. Continuing on the fall theme, Science class focused on why the leaves change colors, the leaves that fall down, and what we should wear with this changing weather. In Math, they learned to count how many children were present as well as the days of the week and the days of the month in the calendar. With the changing seasons, we listened to “Las Estaciones” by Liesbet Slegers. They continued to learn about counting by counting the parts of our face such as two hands, one mouth, and two eyes and then creating our own koala faces.

The Koalas have learned all about fall and continue with their curiosity foe the changing seasons.

Our Kindergarten class has continued exploring how to write different lowercase and uppercase letters, new common English and Spanish words, and more this month.

We focused on the letters Mm, Tt, Dd, and Nn this month and how to write the uppercase and lowercase. We also learned these common English words: I, to, see, you, like, she, we, have, he, love, hi, and, with, my, a; and these common Spanish words: el, y, yo, de, es, mi, Los, Ella, la, por, me gusta, amor, le, ver. In our Science studies, they learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and got to explore what’s inside their pumpkins in the spirit of Halloween. In Geography, we focused around our theme of Scotland, painted Scotland’s flag, and made our own paper kilts as we wrap up the Scotland Unit. One of the most exciting parts of this month for our Kindergarteners was also our trip to the fire station. Though cut short, they learned about what entails the job of firemen and learned about other jobs in the community and their importance. We have had a lot of fun this month continuing our studies in engaging new ways and trips.