Since summer is here and vacation is just around the corner, now is a great time to start taking your activities outside.

Take your kids outdoors, to the park or your very own yard, and have a wonderfulday of play. In this article you will find some fun game suggestions. Let your imagination run wild and adapt them as you wish. Enjoy them with your kids.


Play anywhere with your children:

Outdoor games with your kids Maryel International

Bowling at home: Collect some empty bottles and fill them with anyheavy material, like water, sand, etc. Set them up in a triangle like at a bowling alley around 8 to 10 meters from where you will roll. Now, each player, using the ball, should try to knock down as many bottles as possible. Limit the game to 5 throws per player. The person who knocks down the most pins wins!


Test Course: Make a course in which you and your kids will have to complete different tasks, like hula-hooping for 30 seconds, 20 jumps with a jump rope, holding a spoon in your mouth and carrying an egg from one place to another without it falling, skipping around a tree, and any other challenges you can think of. Complete the entire course one-by-one and time it. The person who completes all of the tasks in the least amount of time wins.


Telephone: A very handy game to keep kids distracted while they rest a little. Line up the kids. Make up a sentence and whisper it in the ear of the first child in line. He should then whisper what he heard to the next player, and so on. When it’s the last child’s turn, he should shout out what he understood, and you say the original sentence… There will be laughing, guaranteed.


And of course, we cannot forget the option of taking our kids to the park or getting some exercise with their bikes, roller skates or just playing catch. You choose. Just have fun!