Since the appearance of tablets, smartphones and laptops, these devices have been taking on major roles in our lives and in our homes. Children are also seduced and easily drawn in by this digital revolution. We believe it is fundamental that they learn to use this technology correctly since their future will revolve around it.


We at Maryel International Preschool would like to present severaltips so that your child uses technology appropriately and can take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits afforded by these devices.



What are the minimum ages and recommended exposure times?


There is no minimum age at which children can use tablets, smartphones or laptops. With that in mind, we see these devices as a new learning tool for children, whenever they are used with an adult’s supervision.


This way, we can monitor the time spent using them. It is essential to establish a time limit to prevent extensive screen exposure and to alternate the use of these devices with other more sociable activities, like playing, coloring or carrying out any activity together. Specialists recommend not exceeding 40 minutes. There are countless parental control applications available for your phone online, which can help you check your child’s usage, including applications and pages he or she has opened and their time limits.



Parents, the primary digital educators


Children normally become involved in the world of technology with the devices they find around the house. These become their first point of contact. For that reason, it is important that parents explain how they work and guide their children through their first steps into new technology. Parents should also monitor the pages, applications and videos they are viewing to ensure they are age-appropriate.


An essential element for guaranteeing that your child accesses content that is age-appropriate is by setting up parental controls. This software can be installed in tablets, computers or in the ADSL line and provides us information on the websites visited, connection times, blocking of inappropriate websites and monitoring chats.



How to install parental controls on different devices


-On Smartphones:

If you have an iPhone, you can control access to websites by going to Settings and then General. Select Restrictions and enable them. With these settings, you can block any applications or content you wish. 

You can control access with Android smartphones, too. Go to Settings, select Device and then Users to create a limited profile and to control the pages.


-On tablets and laptops:

Parental controls vary depending on the operating system of the tablet and/or laptop:

OS X: In the System Preferences menu, click Parental Controls and you can restrict access to the pages and content you like.

Windows: In the Start menu, select the Control Panel option, User accounts and the option for Family controls. Like with OS X, in this option, you can establish times, access to games and block programs.

With these practical measures, you and your child can enjoy all of the advantages new technology has to offer, with the security of guaranteeing age-appropriate content.



New technology in New York preschools


We at the preschool understand the importance of new technology in your child’s growth and development. Therefore, at Maryel International Preschool we teach our students how to use new technology adequately, healthily and age-appropriately. Take a look at our curriculum!