Don’t let the rain ruin your weekend! Though the rain may not be welcome, you can still take advantage of it to do tons of activities, play some games together and foster your relationship with your child at home. Are you ready? Get your pad and pencil! Write down all the fun activities you can do with your kids without ever leaving the house.


Rainy day activities at home


  • Make a campsite at your house

Enjoy a special night pretending to camp out in your child’s room. You just need some blankets and sheets to make the tent, and if you want, have some friends over and eat some snacks. When it’s time for bed, tell stories! Just like at real camp! A fun activity to have a unique night.



  • Take out all your photo albums!

Rainy days are a great opportunity for dusting off the old albums and showing your kids all the pictures. It is a great way to reminisce about good times like vacations, family celebrations and for taking a look back at life. And, if you have videos of your kids, you can show them how much they grew up!


  • Make a family tree

Buy posters, markers and get your memory ready! After viewing all the family photos, you can keep looking back and place all the members of the family in their spot in the family tree. With this fun project, you can work on memory and help your child improve his or her coordination with scissors and markers.


  • Make yourselves popstars!

Have an awesome afternoon imitating your favorite singers…no lip syncing allowed! Sing for real!

Just find a microphone or make one yourself with anything around the house, and gather together everything you need to dress up like your favorite artist. When you’re ready, get on stage and sing your favorite hits! If you want to make it seem even more professional, you can score the performances and give the best performer a prize. Get your voices ready, and enjoy the show!


  • Find a hidden treasure!

Make your kids feel like real pirates. Pick a treasure and hide it! Place clues all around the house to help with their search until they find the treasure. And, while they are busy with that, you can work on a delicious snack as a reward.


  • Host a film festival at home

What would a rainy weekend be without movies? Get your child interested in this art form. Have everyone select movies they like, and if you can’t agree, have each person choose their favorite and pick the first one to watch out of a hat. Find your favorite movie-viewing spot, grab your blanket, and turn out the lights!


  • Make a fort with your kids

Boost their imagination by building a real fort! You have to plan ahead for this project if you don’t have boxes at home, since you’ll need cardboard boxes, blankets, chairs and anything else you find. Use your imagination to create all kinds of adventures since kids love games in which they can play the leading role in their own story. And, to finish up the day, make some sandwiches and eat dinner inside your fort.


From now on, your kids will love rainy days!