Imagine a different kind of summer for your child! There are more summer camp new yorkand more parents who decide to sign their children up for summer camp. But why? In addition to the major benefits of this experience for the children, during the summer, it is often difficult for parents to organize the logistics of family lifewith their work life, thus making an urban camp a great option. Camp activities make it possible for children to enjoy their time playing and doing different things, while learning and improving their social skills.


In recent years, theme camps have gained in popularity. There are now language, sports, art and music camps that foster children’s personal growth and development. Check out the advantages of camp for kids!


Benefits of summer camp in New York:


Camps provide a unique opportunity for children to enjoy multiple benefits.


-They learn concepts in a fun way, since everything occurs in asummer camp for kids relaxed environment, surrounded by other children and full of positive energy.

-The chance to share ideas, activities, knowledge and experiences with other kids.

-Camp counselors instill in the little ones the importance of values such as solidarity, teamwork, etc.

-At camp, children learn to follow a daily routine, which helps them develop good habits.

-Learning new activities, which provides them a greater understanding of themselves and of their surroundings.


Language camps: a unique learning opportunity


SPANISH INMERSION PROGRAM NYCThese camps provide a singular space for children to learn a language, through linguistic immersion and without having to leave the country. These camps are highly effective, as children learn and communicate the entire time in a foreign language. Learn the advantages of language camps for kids!


Advantages of a language camp:


-Ideal, intuitive learning. Since the children do all of their activities in
another language,
they learn and communicate in another language through play, without ever realizing it. Thanks to children’s innate ease of learning, they are able to communicate even when they have no previous exposure to the language.


-Greater confidence in the face of new challenges.  Since theysummer camp in manhattan childrens have to communicate in another language and with people they sometimes don’t know, the children are faced with new challenges and relationships. Once they get through them, the child’s self-confidence is boosted.


-Taking embarrassment out of the equation and improving verbal communication. Children and adults alike feel embarrassed when they have to speak in another language. At camp, the kids cannot express themselves in any other language, so they are forced to overcome their fears and insecurities to be able to play with their fellow campers and counselors.


Plan ahead if you are going to sign your child up for summer camp:


It is important that you plan to sign your child up for camp several months ahead of time. Get informed on the different options and learn about the activities, times and prices. You’ll need to reserve your spot early to not lose it and for your children to be able to go to a camp you trust entirely.


We at Maryel International School have already opened the registration for our summer camp, as part of our linguistic immersion program.  Check out all the activities and how to request your spot.