At Maryel International Preschool we believe in this form of adapted, personalized, and motivated education.

Our aim in kindergarten is for children to develop skills, solve problems, and be creative from a suitable age, such as five.


Multiple Intelligences for personal growth


Verbal-Linguistic. Acquire the capacity to express yourself and make yourself understood through language. With this intelligence, children learn toread, listen, and write.


Logical-Mathematical. Work with logic and reason, relating them to numbers. The children will identify numbers, count, link numbers and amounts, classify, etc.


Visual-Spatial. Identify the world visually with the greatest precision and in accordance with dimensions. Better understanding of space.


Musical. Recognize sounds and their elements, in addition to remembering melodies, acquiring rhythm, learning to sing, and feeling music.


Bodily-Kinesthetic. The children will develop coordination and learn to use their bodies well for different activities. They will improve in skills such as running, moving, performing manual work, dancing, etc.


Interpersonal. Essential for socialization, through which they can understand other people and empathize with them.


Intrapersonal. Resolve internal conflicts and make both simple and complex decisions. The children will learn about their capabilities and limitations, allowing them to learn more about themselves.


Naturalist: The children will learn the value of nature, taking care of and respecting plants, animals, and the rest of the environment. They will gain greater environmental awareness.


Kindergarten, Maryel International Preschool


For us, it is very important to develop capabilities in a personalized fashion and from early childhood.


It will boost the opportunities available for every child and enable them to possess highly advanced skills from a young age.


The motivation to study is fundamental to your child’s intelligence becoming multiple intelligences that will evolve over time.


Bring your five-year-old to our kindergarten and we will take care of educating them and fostering each of their skills.