A Special Day of Love and Friendship at Maryel School

The spirit of love and friendship filled the halls of Maryel School this Valentine’s Day in both campuses! Our students experienced unforgettable moments during the celebration of this special holiday.

From colorful handmade cards to sweet surprises, the little hearts of Maryel School showed their affection and warmth in every corner. Teachers and school staff joined in the joy, fostering a warm and festive atmosphere.

Classrooms transformed into creative stages, where students engaged in themed activities and shared messages full of tenderness. There were plenty of smiles, laughter, and hugs that made this day truly special! Valentine’s Day celebration at Maryel School not only strengthened friendship bonds but also reminded everyone of the importance of expressing love and gratitude in our everyday lives. It was a day full of emotion and camaraderie that will resonate in the hearts of our students for a long time.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this Valentine’s Day such a memorable day at Maryel School!