As you know, we are an international school and for that reason our curriculum demonstrates an interest in teaching aspects of different cultures. We are characterized by international studies and for that reason, this week our students learned about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and next week we will learn about Christmas. Studying other cultures allows our students to value and respect differences. We live in a world of rich cultures so we shoukld give our students an opportunity to know what they are!





This week, the students learned about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. We learned that families join together to light candles each of the eight days of the celebration parents play with the dreidle with their children and enjoy chocolates. We painted dreidles with water colors, played the dreidle game, and used the star of Israel to compare big and small.














This was such an exciting week! We went on a field trip to the American Indian Museum and it was Kai’s birthday the same day!

At the American Indian Museum, we learned about the Bri Bri tribe of Costa Rica and Panama. We heard their folktale about how turtles got patterns on their shells and we colored our own turtle-shaped puppets.






We have been practicing every day for our Holiday Concert and we are ready to show the whole Maryel family how well we sing and dance.






















This week we started rehearsing for our upcoming Christmas concert so a lot of our mornings are being spent in the gym and the church practicing to put on a great show! We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. We would also like to welcome 3 new students that have started within these past 2 weeks, Isabela, Alex and Daxton, WELCOME TO THE KOALAS!






Continuing on with our holiday spirit, we learned about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. For Hanukkah we played with the PEONZA (dreidle) and used watercolors to decorate our own. We culminated Hanukkah by feasting on some yummy Latke’s made by Señorita Carrol and applesauce. It was delicious!! Happy Hanukkah!!










This week it was exciting because we talked about celebrations. We learned about Hanukka and Kwanzaa and now we are getting ready for next week to talk about Christmas! How exciting! The new vocabulary of the week was: ‘vela, luz, peonza y bandeja de frutas’ (candle, light, spinning top and fruit platter).










In math class we continued working on recognizing and tracing ‘Número dos’ and also we made our favorite geometrical figures, ‘círculo y cuadrado’ (circle and square). We formed them out of play-doh and we composed a big square out of sticks!