This week we rehearsed the lyrics and the movements for the surprise songs we have prepared for our Holiday Concert. The children are eager to perform the holiday carols in front of the whole Maryel family.






We had a very exciting and interesting visit this week. Roxy’s mom, a pediatric dentist, came to our classroom to explain to us the importance of brushing our teeth, how to correctly brush them, and why eating healthy also helps with our teeth. She brought everyone a present that included everything we need to have a healthy mouth.




















Christmas is a time of festivities, happiness and sharing among family.
This week we’ve been learning about the different elements of Christmas: Christmas trees, Santa Claus, boots, presents and reindeer.








We read the book ‘Santa is on the Way’ and the children expressed what they know about this character, where he lives, what clothes he wears and other aspects. Afterwards, we wrote a letter to Santa telling him that they have been behaving very well and what gifts they would like him to bring this Christmas.












This week we continued rehearsing for our Holiday concert that’s taking place next Thursday and we also finished up our special gifts for you. We hope you love it!
Our theme was Navidad (Christmas) and we focused on colors rojo (red) and verde (green). We took turns placing pom poms on our patterned Christmas tree using red and green. We also made our Rudolph the red nose reindeer in the snow.




HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Andrew had the opportunity to take Koko home and share with his brother Ryan. Koko visited Grandpa in Long Island, walked to Central Park and checked out the boats at Chelsea Piers! Wow so many great memories Andrew and Ryan had with Koko. Thank you for sharing you fun filled weekend with us!