This week our  students and their teachers had a lot of exciting and stimulating activities that helped them learn a lot of new things.

Our Kindergarten students for English days worked on writing uppercase and lowercase ‘Ss’. Students worked with partners to create real words (cat, sit, mop, tom) and silly words (lig, hap, lut). In Spanish days they focused on writing lowercase s (cursive).  They also worked on creating syllables with vowels ( a,e,i,o,u). For example sa, sala, sola, sofa…

For Math in Spanish they practiced counting numbers 1-10 forwards and backwards. They solved simple addition problems. They used playdough to practice number formation of numbers 0-9. For Math in English they worked on making up number stories to illustrate number bonds within 10 and dividing objects into two parts in different ways.


Our Pre-K students worked on the remaining vowels I, O, and U. They were able to distinguish between the short & long sounds for each vowel respectively. Also they reviewed how to write the numbers 2 and 3. The students knew that 2 and 3 are in sequential order. They were matching and identifying the quantity of each number, and continued working on their balance, motor skills, team building and taking turns.

Our Ardillas Class during this week they have been working on our daily routines and habits in order to get used to our new schedule. They have been working every morning on many concepts during circle time through song.  They worked with number recognition in our calendar,  placed the correct day of the week, started learning our months and talked about the weather by looking through the window and practiced moving our Ardilla selves from the home tree to the school tree.

In Mathematics this week we introduced mathbits by counting (0-20) and the book EntusiasMAT. We have also been identifying shapes círculo (circle), triángulo (triangle), cuadrado (square) and rectángulo (rectangle) to name a few. They had to recognize shapes, identify and color the circles in a picture.

Our Koalas Class are adapting very well to the routine in such a short time. They are asking for “Ayuda” (help) and saying “Por favor” (please) when they want something.
The children are also learning where their cubbies are located and get their snacks on their own at Snack time.

We read “Cinco Monitos” (5 Little Monkeys) by Eileen Christelow and acted out the story with our class monkeys. The song also reinforces their counting skills. We also count  the number of children present every day.