What a fantastic week!  Every morning this week we sang different songs for to say hi to our friends, and to know the weather.  The students identified their peers’ names by using bits. During the week we played Simon says, and practiced the vocabulary about their body parts. Another emotional activity the students did was using soft blocks to match the shapes and colors on the box and sticking them onto contact paper.

This week we read the book “El orinal de Lulu”. The book is about Lulu, a big girl who was given a potty because she no longer. After reading the book we used the bathroom because the students were motivated to use the potty like Lulu and they earned stickers.










This week we explored different blocks, shapes and colors! We attempted to match soft blocks to the colors and shapes colored on the cardboard box and also constructed using contact paper on the wall.

We got real messy using shaving cream this week! Hidden under the shaving cream were our friends pictures. To get to know each other better we identified all of our friend’s names.
We also did some more coloring and painting using crayons and colored feathers.

Simón dice‘ (Simon says) was the game of the week to get those bodies moving and having fun in the gym on those rainy and wet days.











We hope that you all had a good week because we all did here! The Ardillas had a busy week. They started every morning with circle time and our daily routines and this week we added a new attendance list with our faces attached to the body of an ardilla. We counted how many kids came to school and how many kids were at home. In this way, we were able to work on numbers in a very engaging and fun way. And we ask, Quién ha venido hoy a la escuela? Who came to school today? and they say, YO, YO! ME, ME! 

In Math class, we continued to count with our fingers in increasing and decreasing order. We also worked on associating and image with its pair (matching animals), we are learning about the figure ‘círculo’ and the concepts ‘grande y pequeño’ (big and small) and the concepts ‘dentro y fuera’ (inside and outside). First, we started by placing ourselves dentro y fuera del círculo and then we worked with objects placing them dentro or fuera. We also recognized el círculo in other things inside of our classroom and school. For example, they had to make a circle out of toys. Talk about having a lot of fun!

We are working the theme ‘All About Me’. We learned about the parts of our face and in art class we made a big face and colored it. We also learned with the digital board by placing the parts of the body and face of a child.










This week we had a very special music class. Mr. Alfonso, our music teacher, came to our class with a whole group of flamenco dancers, who showed us their excellent dancing skills and helped us learned some new moves.

In geography we learned about the world, the seven continents, and the five oceans. We now know that Srta. Sandra was born in Europe, Ms. Paula was born in South America, and all of us were born in North America. In science we worked on bones and muscles, for which we made some really great projects.