This week was nothing short of amazing for our children. Students and teachers alike used an immense amount of brain power to learn, have fun and work together as the community that we are.

Our pre-K students in Language Arts Writing were introduced to the consonants B, C and D. They were able to distinguish between the hard and soft sounds of each of the consonants respectively. Students also practiced writing words that begin with these letters.

Throughout this week in Music, students were introduced to percussion instruments. Students were able to see an image of percussion instruments, locate these instruments in the classroom and properly understand the reason those instruments are in the percussion family.

Our Kindergarten students this week for Spanish and English days continue to review the alphabet and its letter sounds.

For English days we worked on writing uppercase and lowercase ‘Pp’. Students worked with partners to create real words and silly words.

In Spanish days we focused on writing lowercase p (cursive).  They also worked on creating syllables with vowels ( a,e,i,o,u).


In the Ardillas Class this week we welcome Otoño (Fall). We talked about the changing of the season bringing new colors and cooler weather. 

In Mathematics this week we continue quantifying, recognizing and tracing the number uno (one) but also have practiced recognizing numbers from zero to six on a die. They put a circle around the number uno (one) or colored it within a hay barn.

InSocial Studies the theme was all about me and school. They colored an image with crayolas (crayons) and a mochila (backpack). They unscrambled puzzle pieces to form their picture and were measured to complete a height chart. 


This week in Koala´s Class, we read “Mis Números” by Rebecca Emberly and counted the number of children at each table at Snack Time. They also decorated the number “Dos” with glue, sticker and collage materials.

During Circle Time we sang “Uno,Dos,Tres“. We also talked about how old the children were and decorated a birthday cake with stickers and collage materials.