This week we welcomed EL OTOÑO ( The Fall)!  We went on a hunt to collect leaves and closely observed the color, shape and texture with a magnifying glass along with some pine cones. We loved tearing the leaves and hearing them crunch, crunch, crunch!


Our book of the week was VEO, VEO Animales de la Selva by Jordi Busquets. Here we were able to see the animals that live in the jungle. During our circle time we looked into our mystery box to see what was hiding inside and we were able to identify the hidden items with our OJOS (eyes). We then decorated our OTOÑO (fall) leaves with OJOS (eyes) AND NARICES (noses) and explored the play-dough with some hidden googly eyes.










Another week has gone by and we learned many new things! In science, we learned about the brain, the heart, the lungs, and the stomach. We did some fun experiments to understand how these organs work inside our bodies. In history, we learned about the different languages from North and South America. We can now say ‘good morning’ in at least three different languages. In visual arts, we focused on Claude Monet and made great masterpieces that are hanging on our classroom’s wall.















Our third week of school was great! In circle time, our mascot  ‘Ardilla Pilla’ was very very sleepy every morning so we had to wake her up by saying ‘Despierta Ardilla Pilla!!’ (Wake up Ardilla Pilla). This week we were very excited because Ardilla Pilla brought us in her little basket some leaves to talk about the fall and about the rain. We loved saying our little poem for autumn out loud that says: ‘Si en septiembre ves llover, seguro que otoño es’ (If in September you see rain, surely it must be fall). 

In math class this week we were pirates! We have been working on the concepts ‘dentro y fuera’ (inside and outside), ‘el círculo’ (the circle) and ‘número uno’ (number one). This week we were pirates and we  were on a boat with many treasures that we counted and named. Then we arrived onto a desert island and we found gold coins that we placed in our ‘cofre’. We searched for those coins with our ‘lupas’ that helped us find things much easier because we can see the things ‘más grandes’.












The vocabulary the week was, Ojos (eyes), Nariz (nose),  Niño/Niña (boy and girl). We created a face with play dough and used googly eyes, in this activity they explored the textured and the different parts of the face.  We played with a magic box, inside the box we hid different objects and the students needed to guess what was inside.  The children used their noses to smell coffee, ground cinnamon and vinegar. Working with leaves, eyes and nose, the students drew a leaves and pasted eyes and noses for their leaves.