It has been an entire month since we have the pleasure of being the teachers of this lovely students. In a month, we have learned a lot of things and created an amazing community together that fosters learning, support, team work and being our best selves.

In Science, students of Pre-k examined the physical changes that take place when summer is fading out and autumn is beginning. They learned why leaves change colors in the Fall learning words like chlorophyll and pigments and connecting those vocabulary words to the reason behind leaves changing colors in the Fall. Students also connected prior knowledge of both summer and fall to compare and contrast both seasons.

Our fourth week of Ardillas class was great! This week we continue to work on our daily routines and habits. They are big kids sitting in circle time and mostly following directions to complete workbook pages and related fun activities. We also kicked off our first week of show and tell. They enjoyed showing their friends the items they brought in.

In Reading and writing, they continue practicing their letters and recognizing their name through games. They practiced bucle (loop d’loop) strokes by helping the plane fly high in the sky and following the trajectory of the balloon deflating. They also placed stickers inside a balón/pelota (ball) and on a beach setting by color: azul (blue) on the waves, rojo (red) on the beach towel and verde (green) on the beach umbrella. Lastly, they continued practicing levantado (vertical) strokes underneath nubes (clouds).


The Koalas are learning more every day. This week we focused on colores :”Rojo”(red), “Azul” (blue), “Amarillo”(yellow) and “Naranja” (orange). The children also identified objects in the classroom by color.  We read the book Mis Colores by Rebecca Emberly and explored markers and crayons of different colors.

For our number activity, in addition to counting the number of children present we also reviewed the parts of our faces and counted “Dos manos” (2 hands), “Una boca” ( 1 mouth), and “Dos ojos” ( 2 eyes).
The children also made paper Koala faces using paper and glue. This activity helps with their fine motor skills and serves as a review to identify parts of the face.

We have introduced tooth brushing into the daily routine. The children got a chance to practice on Dino in class. This is a fun approach to tooth brushing.

This week the kindergarten class had 2 English days and 3 Spanish Days.  For Spanish and English days we continue to review the alphabet and its letter sounds.

For  English days  we worked on writing uppercase and lowercase ‘Mm’ with sand, dry-erase markers and on their workbooks. We also reviewed spelling and recognizing the following sight words.

In Spanish we focused on writing lowercase m (cursive). Please have them practice at home. We also worked on creating syllables with vowels ( a,e,i,o,u).  We worked on spelling and recognizing frequency words:  el y yo, de, es , mi, los, ella, la, por.

For Math in Spanish we learned how to write number 5 and write simple addition problems.

For Math in English we continue to work number bonds within 10.