In the Abejas Classroom this week we reviewed the about body parts.  We introduced the senses touch and sight. The children learned about thesense of sight through the games, exploration and experimentation. We read the book “Oso pardo, oso pardo,¿Qué ves ahí?” (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?), and the students played with puppets that related with the story.  To continue with the sense of sight, the students looked through a collage to see if they could find body parts. Another activity we did to work on our senses was finding treasure. With a big chest, we touched and looked at objects with different textures.























Our Halloween Party is coming soon and this week we introduced the theme of Halloween. The students talked about what costumes they want wear for the Halloween Party. Then they decorated a Halloween pumpkin with eyes and a mouth. Using black paper, we created a spider hat and painted our foot green to make a Frankenstein.




Halloween is coming and all of us at school are ready for the event!






In science we learned all about a healthy and balanced diet. Thank you to all of you for the breakfast pictures. We appreciate this kind of help so the children can connect what they learn here in school with their lives at home with you. If you have any books, songs or activities about any of the topics we are covering, please bring it to us at the  school. The children love to share new information with their peers!









We had a beautiful music class with Alfonso, in which we learned about Basque country music and instruments. We played the ‘txalaparta’ and learned about Euskera.

Also, this Monday, we started a new behavior chart, which we talked about during parent-teacher conferences. This chart is for them to be able to think about their own behavior during the day. We want them to start taking responsibility for their actions and to have the ability to self-reflect.

















I hope that you all had a great week. In circle time this week, we worked with the emotion ‘enfadado’ (Angry). Every morning Ardilla Pilla was ‘enfadada’ and we asked her questions about what was making her upset. We also made angry faces and explained why sometimes we are upset.








The theme of the week was Halloween. We opened ‘una calabaza’ (a pumpkin) and we looked at the seeds and touched them. We also made some fun arts and crafts with a Halloween theme.We cannot wait for Monday when we come all in our costumes and have a lot of fun!






















This week the Koalas were introduced to the last two senses Tocar (touch) and Ver (see). We played the game ‘Veo, veo’ to find the parts of the body we have been learning in class the past few weeks. This week we read the book ‘Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo Qué Ves Ahí?’  (Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see?) by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle. We were able to see and identify the different animals we saw using our eyes. For the sense of tocar (touch) we read the book ‘Las Manos No Son Para Pegar by Martine Agassi, it talked about the different things we can do using our hands. For our activitiy we used the colors Morado (purple), Amarillo (yellow), Rojo (red) and Marrón (brown) mixed in with different textures such as rice, flour, salt and oatmeal and created a mural of textures. Some of us really enjoyed it while others preferred to observe our friends.






We made spooky Halloween crafts this week such as spider hats using googly eyes, ripped up orange crepe paper to decorate our pumpkins and green Frankenstein foot prints! We also sorted Naranja (orange), Negro (black) and Morado (purple) colored spiders according to the color of their web. They were awesome at sorting colors!