This week was shortbut very exciting because we had our Halloween party and it was really fun! The kids really enjoyed it andit was great seeing all of you. We continued to work on our daily routines during circle time, math and language. In music class we played the flamenco box with our teacher Mr. Alfonso.









Starting next week we are going to start a new theme that will be about the family. Please feel free to bring anything that may be related to this theme class if you’d like.















This week we celebrated Halloween! We had so much fun at the Halloween parade on Monday, we saw so many different costumes: Ninja Turtle, Butterfly, Batgirl, Mario and Luigi, Firefighter, Skeleton and many more! Throughout this short week we continued to do different crafts such as brujas (witches), spiders (arañas), fantasmas (ghosts) and played spiders in the moon sand. Our book of the week was La Araña Muy Ocupada by Eric Carle.





Last Friday Koko our class mascot was sent home for the first time, off he went on his first adventure to Grayson´s house. They had so much fun playing at home and being with his sister London. Thank you Grayson for doing your show and tell and sharing your fun time with Koko last weekend!














This has been a very fun and spooky week! We began the week with our Halloween party where all of our Abejas came in with their fabulous costumes. We saw firefighters, astronauts, trains, monkeys police officers, princesses, Minnie Mouse and cowboys. Our students and their families enjoyed a very delicious and sweet breakfast that everyone enjoyed.









We learned how to count and associate spiders by their color in mathematics. There were some witches that also came soaring into our classroom. We met ‘La Brujita Tapita’ and we sang her song. We read the book ‘Cómo mola tu escoba!’ (Room on the Broom) which taught us the value of sharing and helping our friends.




















This week we focused on the positive reinforcement of friendship, kindness, and empathy. We discussed how our behavior affects others, the kind of words and actions that are good to use with our friends, and different things we can do each day to be kind.






In science we learned about the importance of cleaning our hands, nose, and teeth appropriately.

We are sending home the lists of words we will use in the Spelling Bee. This competition will be simple and friendly. We are focusing on having the children feel comfortable speaking in front of others and in public settings.