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In the Abejas Classroom this week we introduced “The Family”. The children learned about families and explained why families are special. We talked about different kinds of families and described each of our families. The students brought in family pictures and we shared some experiences we had with our family. We read the book “Ricitos de Oro” (Goldilocks), and the students played with puppets related to the story. Afterwards, we pretended to eat soup in the bears’ house.





This week we read a lot of books about the family. We read the book ‘Mi papá es fantástico’ and we mentioned a few activities we like to do with our dads. Another book we read was ‘Quién es mi mamá?’ to match images of baby animals with their mothers. We also read ‘Perro grande, perro pequeño’ to understand who is big and who is little in our family.












This week in circle time we worked on the emotion of fear (miedo) with Ardilla Pilla and read the story of ‘La Ardilla Miedosa’ which we really enjoyed. We also discovered the theme of the week which was ‘La familia’. The children loved sharing the family collages that you brought for school with their classmates and teachers. It was very fun discovering all the members of our families. We learned new family words like: (uncle and aunt) ‘tío y tía’, (cousins) ‘Primo y prima’ and worked also on the ones that we already know: ‘Mamá, papá, hermano, hermana, bebé, abuelo y abuela’.









In math class it was very exciting discovering the new number, ‘Número 2’. We worked very hard on tracing and recognizing ‘el numero dos’.

In language arts we worked on tracing an ‘Iglu’ which is helping us doing our number two.


























This week was all about Mi Familia (my family)!! Our song for the week was ‘familia dedo’ that we listened to in class throughout the day https://youtu.be/0cFt4NBq0Rw.
For our math activity we each had to find miniature pictures of our family members and placed them next to our name. We then counted how many family members we have, most of us had 4 but one who had 5 members in their family.











Our books of the week were Eres mi Mamá? by P.D. Eastman, Mi Padre es Fantástico by Gaby Goldsack and Quiero a mi Papá porque…by: Laurel Porter-Gaylord. We discussed different reasons why we love our Mamá (mother) and Papá (father) so much! We were also able to discuss that not only do we have mommies and daddies but animals do too. We played a matching game to find the mommies of the baby animals










On Friday, November 18th we will be holding our Spelling Bee in English and on Monday, November 21st will be our Spelling Bee in Spanish. Both events will take place at 9 am. Kindergarten students who normally arrive at 8 am will not have math class and are allowed to come in at 9 am instead. Parents who need the early drop off option of 8 am are welcome to drop their children off at that time.







This week in science we learned about the importance of brushing our teeth, doctors, different specialists, and dentists.

Wednesday was an intense day as the students expressed their thoughts about the results of the Presidential Election. We spoke in depth about the importance of respecting all ideas and all people.