What will be the start of a new stage for many children and a return to the daily routine for others is also the perfect time to remind ourselves how to lead a healthier, more-disciplined lifestyle to be able to take advantage of all ofour skills and know-how.


The adaptation period is key to preventing back-to-school time from becoming a nightmare.



Great daily habits for gettingback to Preschool


Little by little, we must accustom our children to getting back into a routine, to their responsibilities and to healthy habits.


  • More sleep. In summertime, the amount of sleep our children get each night, and the times at which they go to bed, tend to vary greatly. Children need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep per day, so that their concentration and their ability to learn and to absorbother types of information can also grow.


  • Breakfast is a must. Children should get used to eating breakfast before leaving the house, since this meal is essential to their overall nourishment and to their caloric needs throughout the day. A complete, balanced breakfast is the best way to start off your children’s day.


  • Get them involved. In order for your little ones to better assimilate the back-to-school concept, we recommend having them participate in the process by picking out their own outfit or setting out their uniform, packing their backpack, going with you to buy their books, etc.


  • Take interest. Ask your children how they are feeling about the start of the school year, their classmates, what they did during the day, etc. Try not to pester; just talk with them to find out how they are doing.


  • Backpack weight. Once preschool classes start, be sure to keep in mind that their backpacks should never exceed 10% of their body weight.


  • Don’t go overboard with extracurricular activities. Starting off the school year right does not mean they need to spend the majority of their free time doing extracurricular activities. We recommend that children continue spending time with their parents outside of school hours. This togetherness is highly beneficial to them and will help prevent them from feeling that going to school is the equivalent of spending less time with their parents.


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